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The Consultation 17th August 2022
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The Consultation
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Consultation process

Before the consultation
When you make an appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and food diary, which should be returned at least one week before the first consultation. The questionnaire will focus on health, medical history, symptoms, diet and lifestyle. The food diary should ideally list all foods and drinks over a period up to seven days. All information received is strictly confidential.

During the consultation
The initial consultation lasts one hour and the issues contained in the questionnaire will be discussed and explored further. We will then work together to build a dietary and lifestyle programme that is workable for you. Supplements and/or tests may be recommended if appropriate.

Follow-up consultations
After the initial consultation, a further one or two sessions are recommended to assess your progress, make any necessary changes and to see that your programme is as comfortable and effective as possible. Further consultations will depend on individual needs. The second consultation normally lasts 45 minutes and subsequent sessions are usually half an hour.

Contact details
You can click here to email me with any questions or concerns, or ring me on 0753 1146 495. If I can't take your call, please leave a message and I'll aim to get back to you within 48 hours. Calls of 5-10 minutes are fine, but it's usually best to make another appointment with any more involved issues.

The initial consultation costs 65, with the first follow-up session 50 and 40 for any subsequent half-hour sessions. An initial deposit of 25 is paid when booking the appointment, with the remainder paid at the end of the consultation. Payment can be by cash or cheque.

Cancellation policy
You can cancel your appointment, or we can re-arrange the day/time, up to 48 hours before the agreed appointment, otherwise the deposit remains non-refundable.

Please note
It is important that you let me know if you are taking medication and that you contact your GP with any health concerns. Please do not stop taking any medication or stop conventional treatment without seeing your GP.

click here to email 0753 1146 495

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